Who Are America’s Toilet Texters?

Generation Y millennials and Generation Z say smartphone apps are essential for toilet time, a recent study reveals. The survey conducted by BankMyCell, a cell phone buy back website in the US, found that about 75% of American smartphone users use their phones in the toilet to make calls, text, snap selfies, and play with apps.

However, the youthful generation is much more into the habit than the older ones. The infographic provided by the BankMyCell shows that 96% of smartphone users aged below 2, and 90% of those aged between 23 and 37, use their phones while doing their restroom business. Only 11% of smartphone users aged above 70 use their phones while on the toilet.

Men are apparently the most likely to use their phones while seated on the toilet, with 80% confessing to being into the habit. 69% of women also can’t keep their hands of their smartphone’s screens while answering the call of nature.

The study from the American iPhone buy back store also found that Android users are the ones who are more addicted to using their phones in the toilet, compared to their iOS counterparts. About 88% of Androids user’s said they can’t go to the toilet without their phones, compared to 76% for iPhone users.

However, juggling the phone and toilet business hasn’t been easy for some users. About 20% of women, compared to 13% of men, admitted having dropped their phones down the toilet.

Perhaps the saddest thing about using phones in the toilet is the health risks involved. According to the infographic by BankMyCell, a cell phone buy back website in the US, 90% of the smartphone addicts wash their hands after using the toilet, but only 16% clean their phones. Think about that next time you hold your phone up to your cheek after a good time browsing your favorite dating site in the bathroom.


Source: https://www.bankmycell.com/blog/cell-phone-usage-in-toilet-survey

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