What The Public Needs To Know: The REAL Economic and Public Health Crisis That Would Occur If HR 2339 Were To Pass

The vaping crisis that is occuring in the United States of America is taking the media and news coverage by storm, no we aren’t talking about the fake headlines of “Another Death Caused by Vaping” or “Studies Show Vaping is Worse For Your Lungs Than Smoking”.

We are talking about the crooked, mis-understood, and family destroying decisions being made by politicians right now as you read this. The “fake vaping news” has turned a better alternative into a family, economic, and job destroying crisis; better known as HR 2339.

HR 2339, in Layman’s Terms, will ban all flavored nicotine products other than tobacco, and also prohibit the online sales of nicotine products. It does not take much thought to think about the number of jobs that will be destroyed if this bill was to get into effect but to give some broad numbers, over $10 billion dollars were spent between the United States, United Kingdom, and France alone.

A recent estimate shows that 31.8% of the smokeless tobacco industry is online retailers, and an in-depth report published by Bloomberg in 2016 showed that vaping industry was the fastest growing industry at the time.

Society has to remember that when you take an alternative away, mass majority turn back to the original choice which in this case is cigarettes. A quick in depth look both economically and public health wise show that it costs the United States MORE THAN $300 billion annually just from smoking related issues!!

Digging a little deeper statistics shows that $176 billion is spent for direct medical care, more than $156 billion is lost due to lost productivity relating to smoking caused illnesses, and $5.6 billion is lost due to SECONDHAND Smoke illnesses. That is $5 billion a year for people just being in the area of cigarette smoke.

This is the REAL “vaping crisis” people should know about.

Source: https://www.ecigaretteempire.com/blogs/vape-juice-news/us-vaping-ban

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