Types of Listed Property Protection

At Listed Property Protection we are here to provide bespoke insurance to the owners of properties where regular insurance policies simply don’t cover them sufficiently, due to the value of property or cost of either repair, rebuild or replacement. Our areas of expertise include:

OWNER RESPONSIBILITIES: Specialist guidance on what’s involved in owning and insuring a listed or unique property, whatever the grade or design.

UNIQUE BUILDINGS: Private homes, churches, unusual holiday properties and places of historic interest. Including specialist insurance for thatched or timber-framed properties.

FIX IT: Listed or historic buildings undergoing renovation, repair or conversion. How do I get the right cover for this?

THE CRAFT: Rebuilding, using traditional materials and appropriate methods. We can link you to skilled craftsmen who are experienced with listed conservation legalities.

CONSERVATION RESPONSIBILITIES: these can be vast and varied. We can undertake an assessment and/or survey of your property and advise on your potential obligations. A full report will be provided.


Source: https://www.listedpropertyprotection.com/

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