RESCON’S Step by Step Process of Building Granny Flats

There are many aspects to building a granny flat. This infographic demonstrates the start to finish RESCON Granny Flats process of building an entire granny flat.

Many people forget that when building a granny flat it’s a similar process as building a full home. There is the process of identifying the right block of land or right backyard to fit the granny flat into.

The design phase is important, as this will ensure the block works with the granny flat.

Then comes the approval process with council and ensuring you’re able to build your new granny flat successfully at your location.

This is just the start – in this infographic you’ll learn the full 9 steps involved in building your granny flat from deposit to the practical completion stage.

If you’re looking to build a granny flat in the Sydney area this information will be very beneficial to get an overview of the whole process and what to expect when it’s time to start your build.



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