Our SEO Process

When you hire us to help rank your website on Google, we have a process that we follow. We call it our Initial Setup and it looks really simple, but does take a month to implement.
First step is to identify any current site issues. We run your website through our special software and audit your site. We will be able to see if you have any technical errors. These can be poorly optimised meta tags, too many heading tags, poorly optimised images to name a few. We also setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
We will also discuss keywords that you currently rank for, once we have audited your site we will able to see these keywords and the volume of visits per month and the competition. We will also discuss some alternatives.
One massive factor to SEO is your content. Here at Finch Media, we always “content is king”. We recommend at least 1500 words per page. We will see how much content you have and get ready for our next step.
The fun for us now starts. We start the on-site optimisation. Fixing all the errors found in the first setup. Optimising the structure and content of your website for the keywords we have discussed. We will rewrite any content and add if necessary to meet our standards.
We setup an internal blog. Google and other search engines like regular content and a blog on your website is a great way to do this.
You might have notices some websites start with https and others just http. The S means secure and that website has an SSL certificate. Having this again helps with SEO and we recommend you to have one. This is charged as an extra from your web hosting company. You may already have one available that you didn’t know about.
Once we’re happy with the on-site seo we start to optimise the off-site seo. Long story short you need backlinks from other websites pointing to your website. We do this by external blog posts, directory listings and infographics. If you decide after the Initial Setup for us to carry on with the monthly SEO service we include one external blog post and one infographic each month. With the off-site seo we also setup Google My Business. The infographic is focused on SEO South Wales.
Finally we create a new sitemap and submit it to Google. And that is our initial Setup. This takes one month to do. After the month you can then switch to our Monthly SEO service or leave it as that and you can carry on yourself.

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