Canines with a Cause Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Take Your Pet on the Go!

Gone of the days of leaving your beloved pet at home with a sitter, or worse, in a kennel. Use Canines with a Cause’s heavy duty car seat cover to keep your car safe and clean for your canine companion. Imagine the new places you can go and experiences you can share once you can bring your pet with you anywhere!

Give Your Dog the Freedom They Deserve

Don’t lock up your best friend for a long road trip in fear of them scuffing up your ride – use our 100% waterproof car seat liner and let them roam free in the backseat of your sedan, SUV, or truck, just as nature intended.

No-Fuss Clean Up

Don’t squander the fun of your trip by spending hours cleaning a complex seat cover, our non-slip seat cover offers easy cleanup of any dirt, mud, hair, or drool that may have accumulated on the trip. That’s more time spent with your dog, and less in the laundry room.

FREE GIFT Included with Purchase!

As a thank you to our faithful customers, we will also include a pair of free dog grooming gloves, perfect for cleaning up your dog without making yourself pick up all the mess.

Affordable Gift for Your Favorite Dog Lover

Everyone has someone in their life with a messy dog, and in turn, a messy car. Show you care and solve both problems with one simple solution!

Dog car seat cover


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