5 Hacks for Writing good Instagram Captions

Instagram allows for up to 2,200-character captions, but it’s not often that we see people maximizing this. Writing good captions seems like a tough nut to crack. But should it be? Not really.

Check out this 5 tried-and-true hacks for writing good captions on Instagram. It’s not a comprehensive analysis but you’ll be on a good start if you follow these tips:
1.Be concise
2.Front load what matters most
3.Want something? Ask for it!
4.Don’t forget about hashtags
5.Use emojis to spice things up
Instagram is so huge and, if your target audience are avid Instagram users, writing good captions is very important!

Source: https://blog.kicksta.co/5-hacks-writing-good-instagram-captions/

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